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Naturally attracted to the city and its suburbs, my eye turned naturally to the human. Particularly consumed by the distress of the invisible in the streets, my work applies to transcribe the world of shadows under the prism of the marvelous.
" My life is a dream that never ends ... "
These are the words of Pierre, a Toulouse homeless man. His grace seemed to light up the street, yet plunged in darkness. The haunt, in which he had squatted for ages, betrayed his charisma so special. A life without imperative, without artifice, only guided by its instincts, and its shadow...
The living are pushing and shoving... This morning again, the street is the scene of this absurd ballet. Their body languages seem to demonstrate that once again, their delays are inevitable. Prisoners of their schedules, and forced to apprehend life under pressure, passers by capsize. All of them have the illusion of having a grip on their lives. Few really benefit. The recumbent figures no longer simulate. Some are even delighted with this decadence. This restless world sends them back to their disillusions. Are not these men and women who stand out of time more in touch with reality? These questions are what, I believe, motivate my excursions.
Through the series "In the shadow of the living" I set out to follow individuals who wander, work or live on the outskirts of life... To the point of not knowing myself if I am alive... just a shadow.