Born in Troyes in 1978, I live and work in Toulouse for twelve years. I practice photography in a self-taught and independent way. I walk the street in search of a scene of life, a unique emotion. The idea is to make a personal statement on the evolution of society. The street is the perfect playground for this.

Individual exhibitions

2016 : SPUTNIK Gallery (New-York, Etats-Unis)
2017 : Gallery "du Fort" (Montauban),
2018 : OPEN SPACE Gallery (Sète)
          Dominican Chapel (Carcassonne)
2019 : Bernard Magrez Institute (Toulouse)
          Manifesto (Toulouse)
2022 : Gallery "Le Château d'Eau" (Toulouse)
          Gallery "L'enfant Sauvage" (Bruxelles)
2023 : Gallery 2.0 (Tarbes)

Group exhibitions

2015 : Vincennes Images Festival (Vincennes)
2016 : Artistes à suivre (Aude)
          Art center "Le Lait" (Albi)
2017 : Phot'Aix (Aix en Provence)
2019 : Espace point de vue (Lauzerte)
          Photographic nights (Essaouira - Morocco)
          Month of the photography (Grenoble)

Publications and distinctions

« Ordinary Days » self-edition (2014)
« Ring road » self-edition (2019)
Publication in "TROPICAL STOEMP"

Germaine CHAUMEL prize, Languedoc Acadamy 2016 (Toulouse)
Photographic prize at the "Bernard Magrez institute" 2017 (Bordeaux)
Mentor Prize finalist in 2019
HSBC Prize finalist in 2021